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Wonder 2 Series


  • MPPT solar charge controller maximizes solar panel output by efficiently tracking and capturing the maximum available power, enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • MPPT solar controller supports diverse battery types, such as lead-acid, gel, and lithium-ion, with adjustable charging modes to cater to specific requirements.
  • Has the function of activating the lithium battery. When the lithium battery is discharged at low voltage, the lithium battery protection board will automatically turn on the protection function, and when the photovoltaic is fully charged, it will stimulate it to restart automatically.
  • Monitoring and Data Logging: RS485/WIFI/GPRS Real-time monitoring of solar system performance, solar panel output, battery status, and charging statistics, with optional data logging for historical analysis and system optimization.
wonder2 mppt solar charge controller china

Wonder 1 Series



  • Advanced MPPT tracking, 99% tracking efficiency. Compared with PWM, the generating efficiency increase near 20%.
  • 12V/24V/48V system voltage automatic adaptation.
  • Intelligent charging algorithm that adapt to changing weather conditions and battery states, optimizing charging for fast and efficient battery replenishment.
  • Wide input voltage range, MPPT solar controller accommodates a wide range of solar panel voltages, offering flexibility in system design and compatibility with various configurations.

KY1 Series


  • The PWM solar controller is equipped with a user-friendly interface, allowing easy configuration, monitoring, and control of charging parameters and system status.
  • 12V/24V automatic identification solar system working voltage.
  • Multiple working modes to adapt different working occasion.
  • PWM charging mode, low cost, suitable for small solar power systems.

KY1 Series


  • PWM solar charge controller efficiently converts solar panel energy into usable power, ensuring effective charging and maximizing battery performance.
  • PWM controller offers a cost-effective solution for medium to large scale solar systems, delivering reliable charging performance at an affordable price point.
  • With advanced battery protection features, PWM solar controller prevents overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits, prolonging the lifespan of your batteries.
  • High power solar controller for commercial and industrial power station.


wonder2 mppt charge controller installation
Home Solar Energy System in Philippines

1. Customer Needs: Power home and reduce energy bills.

2. Solar system configuration: 10 solar panels of 250 watts, 1 inverter, 1 set of energy storage batteries, and 1 solar controller.

3. MPPT Solar controller: Equipped with intelligent charge and discharge management to ensure efficient and stable charging and discharging process of the battery.

4. Effect: The average daily power generation is 20 kWh, which is enough to cover the basic electricity demand of the family. At the same time, the excess electricity is stored for use at night, which can save 30% of the electricity bill every year.

wonder1 mppt charge controller installation
Commercial Solar System in Montenegro

1. Client Need: To power commercial buildings while promoting an environmentally friendly image.

2. Solar system configuration: 50 solar panels of 300 watts, multiple inverters, energy management system, 1 solar controller.

3. MPPT Solar controller: integrated multi-channel charge and discharge management to ensure that each battery panel can maximize its efficiency.

4. Effect: The average daily power generation is 150 kWh, which meets the electricity demand of commercial buildings.

ky1 pwm solar controller installation
Rural Small Solar Energy System in Myanmar

1. Customer needs: To establish a stable power supply in remote areas.

2. Solar system configuration: 5 solar panels of 150 watts, 1 inverter, 2 energy storage batteries, and 1 solar controller.

3. PWM Solar controller: Equipped with intelligent voltage regulation function to ensure proper charging voltage and prolong battery life.

4. The effect: Provide enough electricity to power lighting, small appliances, and water pumps in rural homes, reducing dependence on traditional grids.

ky1 pwm controller installation
School Solar Project in Cambodia

1. Customer needs: Provide sustainable energy demonstration projects for schools, and educate the concept of environmental protection.

2. Solar system configuration: 20 200W solar panels, 1 inverter, energy monitoring system, 1 solar controller.

3. PWM Solar controller: Equipped with intelligent monitoring function, real-time monitoring of battery charging status to ensure stable system operation.

4. Effect: Provide part of the electricity for the school, and at the same time display the energy production data through the monitoring system, and stimulate teachers and students' interest in renewable energy.

wonder1 mppt solar controller installation
Remote Monitoring of Solar System in Peru

 1. Customer needs: Monitor and control the operation of solar energy systems in remote areas.

2. Solar system configuration: 10 180W solar panels, 1 inverter, remote monitoring equipment, 1 solar controller.

3. MPPT Solar controller: supports remote data transmission, allowing users to remotely monitor and adjust system parameters.

4. Effect: Through remote monitoring equipment, real-time understanding of system operation status, timely solution to problems, and ensuring stable operation of the system in remote areas.

wonder1 mppt solar charge controller application
Industrial Solar System in South Korea

1. Customer needs: To provide a stable power supply for industrial sites.

2. Solar system configuration: solar panels, energy storage battery, integrated inverter and charging interface, MPPT solar controller.

3. MPPT Solar controller: with intelligent charging management to ensure safe and efficient charging of batteries in different environments.

4. Through solar charging, battery energy storage is used to provide a stable uninterrupted power supply for factory operations, without the need for traditional power sources, which is convenient and practical.


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Customized Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of brand owners, distributors, retailers and contractors, providing customized solar controller designs and configurations.

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Technical Support

Our team of experienced engineers provides comprehensive technical support, offering guidance on product selection, solar system design, and troubleshooting.

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Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality and ensure our solar controllers undergo rigorous testing and adhere to international standards such as CE, guaranteeing reliable and durable performance.

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Efficient Production

With our efficient manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art facilities, we can fulfill large-scale production orders and deliver products within specified timelines.

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Competitive Pricing

As the source manufacturer in China, We offer competitive pricing for our solar controllers, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality and performance.


Established in 2006 year, Guangdong XINDUN Power Technology is a high-tech company with researching, manufacturing and providing solar solution service. We specialized in developing and manufacturing of solar charge controller and off grid solar system with good quality and reasonable price. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable energy solutions sets us apart as a trusted partner in the global solar market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: To ensure compatibility, it is essential to provide detailed information about your solar power system, including solar panel and solar battery specifications, voltage, and current ratings. Our technical team can assess the compatibility and recommend the appropriate solar charge controller for seamless integration.

A: Yes, we offer OEM services and can customize the branding of the solar charge controller according to your requirements. Our team can discuss the branding options, including logo placement, packaging design, and product labeling, to create a unique product that aligns with your brand identity.

A: Our solar charge controllers are manufactured to meet international quality standards and certifications, such as CE, TUV, IEC, and ISO. These certifications ensure that our products meet the required safety, performance, and environmental standards for import purposes.

A: Our solar charge controllers come with a standard warranty period, typically ranging from 1 to 3 years, depending on the product model. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures that you receive reliable and high-quality products. Extended warranty options may also be available.

A: Absolutely! We provide comprehensive technical documentation and user manuals with detailed instructions for the installation, operation, and maintenance of our solar controllers. These resources assist in the smooth setup and optimal utilization of our solar products.

A: Choosing between MPPT or PWM solar controllers depends on your specific requirements. MPPT controllers are more efficient, especially in low-light conditions, is ideal for higher voltage solar systems and maximum efficiency, while PWM is suitable for smaller-scale applications with a more cost-effective approach. You can consult Xindun for advice on solar controller selection.



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