For those who hope to change the energy structure and fully leverage the positive role of renewable energy, a 20kw solar system is a huge investment. So, how much does a 20kw solar system cost? In this article, we will discuss the 20kw solar system cost and the factors that affect its cost.


how much does a 20kw solar system cost


1. Solar System accessories


Firstly, a complete 20kw solar system consists of solar inverters, solar controllers, solar panels, batteries, and some components. The determination of the power of inverters, solar controllers, solar panels, and the standard voltage of the battery determines the entire 20kw solar system cost, with significant price differences corresponding to different parameters. The reason is that different power and voltage have different manufacturing costs.


For a 20kw solar system, the first option is to use a 20kw inverter. The second thing is to determine the solar panel. Firstly, inquire about the customer’s needs. If the customer is unsure, it is usually 50% -60% of the solar panel, approximately 11kW, using the largest solar panel.

There are three main types of solar panels: single crystal, polycrystalline, and thin film. Single crystal panels are the most effective, but also the most expensive. The efficiency of polycrystalline silicon panels is slightly lower, but they are also cheaper. Thin film panels have the lowest efficiency but also the lowest price.


After determining the solar panel, you can choose the size of the solar controller. We have solar controllers ranging from 10a to 200a, depending on the number of solar panels you have.


20kw solar system-20kw solar inverter,solar controller,solar panel


The following is the number of batteries, depending on the load. It usually requires twice the inverter, so it requires approximately 40 kWh of battery. In addition, there are three types of batteries, namely, gel batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. From the perspective of battery efficiency, lithium batteries are the best and therefore the most expensive. The gel battery is the second best, followed by the lead-acid battery.


20kw solar system batteries


Last but not least, the other accessories of the 20kw solar system. Accessories include photovoltaic cables, MC4, battery cables, solar panel brackets, and combiners. This depends on the number and rated power of solar panels and batteries.


 20kw solar system accessories


2. Installation cost


In addition, the cost of installing the 20kw solar system is another factor to consider. Generally, professional technical personnel are required to install the 20kw solar system. The installation cost may vary depending on the company’s choice and complexity of installation.


3. Maintenance costs


In addition to the upfront 20kw solar system costs, it is also necessary to consider ongoing maintenance costs. Although accessories such as solar inverters and solar panels are very durable, they may require occasional cleaning or maintenance. It is important to include these costs in the budget when considering 20kw solar system.


China Xindun Power is a factory manufacturer specializing in the development and innovation of solar inverters, solar controllers and other solar system accessories. We can produce and customize 200W-160KW solar systems, and our solar systems have been widely used in various fields worldwide: home, commerce, industry and agriculture, communication, outdoor tourism, high-tech industries, and so on.


Xindun Power- solar system manufacturer


It is important to consult professionals in order to accurately estimate the 20kw solar system cost. You can consult with the senior engineers of Xindun Power here, who can evaluate your energy usage and provide you with detailed cost details.

A 20kw solar system is a huge investment. Although the initial costs may seem daunting, the long-term benefits may be enormous.
If you need to know what kind of solar system meets your current expectations, welcome to have in-depth discussions with us.

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