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Off Grid Solar System

One-stop complete off grid solar system for sale. Special customized system to meet the needs of home owners to achieve 7*24 hours of power supply. Achieving energy autonomy is an investment with a high rate of return. Your factories, businesses, and farms will have 0 electricity bills for decades.

Solar Inverter

Xindun solar power inverter is wide wattage range from 350W-40KW for single phase output ,while 4kva to 200kva for three phase output. Pure sine wave inverter meets the DC and AC power requirements of various applications. We have enough stocks, OEM & ODM is acceptable.

Solar Controller

Both PWM solar charge controller and MPPT solar charger controller are available for sale. 10A-200A 12V-384V. Xindun solar charge controllers enhance the capacity of solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, improve the comprehensive solar system efficiency.


Solar lithium batteries, agm batteries or gel batteries all are available for sale. Xindun solar batteries are manufactured using advanced techniques for long-lasting life and superior performance. It provides customers durable runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications.

Solar Panel

Both monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels are available for sale. Xindun solar panels are reliable, cost-effective and suitable for residential and Industrial solar systems. high efficiency panels come with 25 years warranty harvesting maximum power from the sun.

Hot Solar Products

Our best-selling solar energy systems provide reliable and efficient power for all your off-grid needs. From powering your home or cabin to running

your RV or boat, we have a range of sizes and features to choose from. Shop now and experience the freedom of off-grid living!


WD 10KW System


ESS 300KW System


ESS 5KW System


LS 3KW System

12V 24V 48V Hybrid Inverter

HP PRO-T 3KW System


HDSX 100KW System

Solar Project Cases

Discover real-world examples of off-grid solar energy system with our case studies.

See how our solar systems rovide reliable power to 50000 homes and reduce their electricity bills.

Three-Phase Solar Energy System
In Lebanon Parking Lot

1.384V 80KW three-phase inverter 1 set
2.384V 100A controller 2 sets
3.120 535W solar panels(15 in series and 8 in parallel
4. Combiner box 2 in and 1 out4 sets
5.192 2V 300AH colloid batteries

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Xindun is a China factory mainly engaged in complete off grid solar energy systems and solution, solar inverters, MPPT solar controllers, batteries and solar panels. What we do is "gather the sun and light up the world, keep the earth never power off".

We promise to every customer: The strictest quality control. The fastest, safest and cheapest logistics transportation. Our service team can communicate with you in various languages.














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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we are ISO9001:2015 manufacturing with qualifications of TUV,CE,ROHS &CCC. main products including invertersolar controller and solar energy system solution.

Yes,all of our inverter are pure sine wave output.

Normally,we produce inverter with 110v/50Hz 120V/60Hz 220v/50Hz,230v/50Hz,240V/50Hz. If you have special requirements,pls tell us for engineer consulting.

The full name is Maximum Power Point Tracking,which is an upgrade of the traditional solar charge and discharge controller.

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